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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Namecheap December Coupon Code

Buying a domain December 2007. Take advantage of Namecheap's discount code:


if you are buying a dot com domain. It puts the final price at $8.41.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Namecheap November Domain Name Coupon

If you want a little off your domain name purchase this November, use the code:

for a discount.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Are you a boozer, fancy a tipple? Tesco, for today only are doing a case of 6 Montana mixed that has 40% off. From £44 down to £26, that's a saving of £18! Only good if your choice of wine isn't Buckfast or White Lightning. :D

It's part of Tesco's "deal of the day" promotion where they offer a massive saving on one product, but only for one day.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cheap Halloween Costume.

Don't be the only one to turn up at the Halloween party without a costume. You may have ordered your costume and it never arrived in time, or it was stolen by a werewolf . You may have not gotten around to ordering a costume in time, or whatever. Forget about that, it's gone. Learn from it and be more prepared for next year. Buy a sexy Halloween costume or a dashing pirate outfit well in advance or even just have your sexy costume booked which isn't just for Halloween, you may get some wear out of it at New Year, I don't know.

That doesn't solve your immediate problem though does it? Don't look like a turnip when everyone else is dooking for apples. Make an effort to come up with something. I know what you are thinking :
"I'll get some bandages and go as an ancient Egyptian Mummy!"

Many others who don't have a costume have already thought the very same thing, and even bandages will set you back a few coins. There is the cheaper option which swaps the bandages for toilet paper. Again this will have been thought of and will only last about half an hour. Instead, be brave, be bold. Go bald and make it a night to remember.
Here sporting the total 'shaved into the wood' look are Shoemoney and Shawn. It's a photoshopped pic* I did a while back on the dp forum. Many chaps these days opt for the total shaved look, but a lesser know variant is the reverse mohawk once popular with Keith Flint of The Prodigy, or shown here by that genius master of disguise, Dax of

A quick zip with some hair trimmers and before you can say "Ichabod Crane", voila, you have an instant transformation.
Happy Halloween!
*StarTrek costumes not included.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Short Hair Cut Style

How much have you spent in your lifetime getting your hair cut? What's the point, it just keeps coming back. Most of the time the hairdresser won't give you the hairstyle you want anyway. "I know" you think to yourself, "I'll bring in a picture for the hairdresser to copy." You would not be the first to think this, but it will have little bearing on the haircut you eventually get. A much better idea is to cut your hair yourself at home!
Here is a short animation by Richard Kinsella documenting the disappearance of his hair.

Having a short hair style is much easier to take care of than longer hair. After washing, a rub of a towel and it is dry! Not to mention all the time you will save having to go and visit and barber of hairdresser. This will free up extra time for you to do something more productive instead.
Also you may look better with shorter locks a la Brad Pitt or GI Jane. Some can go even further and go for the full Yul Bryner look.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Save Time, Save Money

Do you have enough hours in the day to do all that you want? Do you have a million stickies around your mirror frame, on your fridge, and around your house? Do you have to do list(s) that don't match? Or are you a procrastinator that puts off until tomorrow what you could do today? Some expert procrastinators put things off to next week, month, year, or actually never get around to doing it!

For those of you in this boat David Allen of could work more efficiently.
You can download free of charge an expanded workflow diagram "with extra info and tips to help keep people on track." You can get it free here .

David Allen is a man who describes a project as "as any desired result that requires more than one action step." Obviously a man with a very clear logical brain!

For the really disorganised, or those of you that love the workflow diagram, you can step up to a more detailed approach to organise your life. David's book has helped many people save time, and get things out of their heads and filed, organised, delegated or whatever they chose to do with it.

Time is the one of the few things that you can't replace, so if you can't clone yourself like Michael Keaton in Multiplicity you may as well work more efficiciently. Work smarter, not harder! But feel free to work very hard if you want too! :o)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Buying Gifts for Others?

Are you sick of buying gifts and cards for other people, for your nearest and dearest? And when they finally receive the present they don't seem too bothered, or amazed, even you heard them say that they wanted it?
How about this for an idea: give them stuff you already have and convince them that they wanted it all along. Sounds too far fetched to be true? Well look at this video of Derren Brown in action. Quite possibly the world's only living jedi master, convinces Simon Pegg that he wants something, and then shows you how he did it!
Although he does lose £100 to a boy during one of his street performances. Watch and be amazed.